Kate’s World – Vogue December 2014

kate moss vogue december 2014

Elizabeth Avey finds Kate Moss the perfect show girl look for Decembers Vogue

Elizabeth Avey had a fantastic fashion adventure when asked to source some very exciting and unique vintage style showgirl pieces for the beautiful Kate Moss for a very special edition of Vogue. With her little black book of contacts she knew just where to head. Elizabeth made her way to Blackpool Pleasure Beach were the talented costumers at Stageworks have their workshop. They have been creating show girl outfits for decades so she knew they would have something special for her. They kindly allowed her in to their secret costume vaults where she spent a wonderful day searching through rails and drawers of handmade pieces from their vast archive until she found the perfect items for this shoot. She even found time for candy floss and  a carousel ride! Styled by the brilliant Lucinda Chambers and shot by iconic photographer Mario Testino ( Mario Testino | One of the worlds most influential photographers ) the stunning results can now be seen in ‘Kate’s world‘ this month’s Vogue.

Kate Moss wears jewelled bra and body from Stageworks
Kate Moss wears jewelled bra and body from Stageworks
Kate Moss - Kate wears a feather Stole from Stageworks
Kate wears a feather Stole from Stageworks

The making of Show girl costumes has often been an artisan craft, undertaken by the performers themselves or other artists they work with. These intuitive designs have often been stimulus to more recognised designers, William Travilla who work for Marilyn Monroe took his inspiration from show costumes recent collations from Louis Vuitton have also taken the same influence.  All the costumes made in Blackpool are made by former show girls and ice dancers, some times you really need to have lived the clothes you are making.

Blackpool pleasure beach is the UK’s most visited tourist attraction and at the heart of park is the Hot Ice arena where a daily ice dance spectacular a celebration of the show girl feathers and glitz. Every costume is lovingly created in house by the Stageworks team who are dedicated to creating the most dazzling eye catching costumes imaginable.

Elizabeth Avey at Stageworks Blackpool
Elizabeth at the Stageworks costume department Blackpool