Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have a lot of questions you want to ask before booking an appointment with us. To make things easier, we have put together a collection of some of our most frequently asked questions. This is to help you decide if Elizabeth Avey is for you, if you have any further questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Are your dresses original vintage wedding dresses?
Yes, all our dresses are original to their eras, from Edwardian 1910’s to early 1970s.
We also have reworked vintage dresses from Stella & Sonny that offer a contemporary twist to classic designs.

What accessories do you stock?
We have veils, headdresses and belts that are original vintage or bespoke from Elizabeth Avey, reworked vintage pieces from Stella & Sonny and also vintage inspired pieces from Doleka. Beautiful vintage inspired shoes come from Rachel Simpson.

How many dresses do you have in stock?
We hold between 60 and 70 cleaned and restored pieces at any one time.

What is the price range of your dresses?
Our vintage dresses are priced between £200 and £799.

What sizes do you stock?
Vintage bridal wear does tend to be smaller than modern dresses. We strive to source the best selection of sizes possible and usually hold from a UK size 8 to 12.

Can we alter or resize our dresses?
It is amazing how a vintage dress can be made to fit you perfectly, we work with and can recommend very talented seamstresses.

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Do you supply dresses for the wedding party, e.g. my bridesmaids?

We prefer to concentrate on the Bride here, but through the visit we can chat about your ideas for bridesmaids etc.

Are dresses of the same style available?

We are great at suggesting styles and colours that work with each dress. We always have fresh ideas as well an understanding of the traditional.

How long in advance do I need to book?

Although weekend and evening appointments tend book up quickest. We would say as soon you discover us and would like to visit simply drop us an email or call and we will find you an appointment time that works perfectly for you.

Are appointments necessary or can I just walk in?

You will need to book an appointment in advance. We run by appointments

Saturday 11.am to 6.pm, Sunday 11.am to 5.pm, Thursday 12.pm to 6.pm, Friday 12.pm to 6.pm

If you need an appointment outside of these times let us know an we will where possible try to accommodate you.

How often do you introduce new dresses?

Vintage is all about the thrill of the unexpected. All of our dresses are rare one off pieces individually hand selected by Elizabeth from a wide range of sources.

We never truly know what we will uncover in our contestant search for new and exciting finds. We can add you to our mailing list so we can send out some photos of dresses as they arrive as a little taster.

How long before the actual wedding should I aim to look at dresses from you?

 This is entirely up to you. As one of the most fun and important parts of the planning why wait? It can be great to have your dress early on so you can plan other aspects of the day’s style around it. This allows time, not only for alterations but for finding the perfect accessories to compliment your dress. Equally we are able to guide you through if you are looking at short notice. Whatever feels best for you.


How many people can accompany me to the fitting?

We usually suggest you invite no more than three guests so you don’t feel overwhelmed. This way we can focus on you. Although that said we are very relaxed here so if you would like to bring more guests we are happy to go along with that.

Can I take photos of the dresses?

Yes we are happy for you to take photos (but do bear in mind an iPhone snap is not always going to give the best representation of a dress)

Also, if you would like some photos taken and don’t have your phone or a camera to hand let us know and we may be able to take them for you and email them on.

What is the deal with posting on social media/copyright before the dress is purchased?

We feel it is best not to post photos on social media at the appointment stage but after the wedding we really love to see photos!

How many dresses can I try on in one appointment?

You May try as many as you wish with in the time but to get a good sense of each and build a look with accessories about six pieces works well.

What are your policies on reserving dresses?

Unfortunately, as we stock one off pieces it is difficult for us to put dresses aside.

What are your payment options and policies?

To help keep our dresses well priced we take payment in full. We accept all major credit and debit cards or payment via on-line or in branch transfer.



If I need the dress to be altered after the fitting, what should I do?

We can recommend a high quality and very experienced seamstress 

What’s the best way to wash the dress before the wedding?

All our dresses have been professionally cleaned unless you have a mishap before the wedding there should be no need to re-clean. Never attempt to wash your dress at home or use a domestic iron! Always take it to a professional and recommended specialist dry cleaning company and be aware that all dry cleaning carries some risk to a vintage garment.

Do I have to schedule an appointment to purchase alternate accessories?

We are really happy to see customers again for an accessories appointment. We allow a full hour to try out looks with our gorgeous shoes, veils and hair pieces, it is a lot of fun. You are more than welcome to have an accessories booking with us even if you didn’t purchase a dress from us.

What’s the best way to look after the dress after my wedding day?

We will give you an information sheet on how best to care for your vintage dress including contacts for quality repairs and dry cleaning. We also stock pretty archival boxes.


Are your dresses original vintage wedding dresses?

All of our dresses are genuine vintage wedding dresses, with true rarity and romantic history.

What accessories do you stock?

We stock – Vintage inspired shoes from Rachel Simpson and Lovely art Wear Art Shoes. Wonderful headdresses, hair pieces Veils bags and soon we are adding netted petticoats and lingerie too.

How many dresses do you have in stock?

We have around 50 beautiful dresses in stock at any one time.

What is the price range of your dresses?

Prices range between about £299 and £799

What sizes do you stock?

It is true that vintage and particularly vintage bridal wear does tend to be smaller than modern dresses. We try very hard to have the widest selection of sizes possible. However, most of our stock ranges between 8 and 12. Almost any dress can be made both smaller or larger as well as remodelled to taste.

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